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  1. Jeff Harry on Play (or Turning Your Favorite Pastime into a Job) - Episode #123 Jennie O'Connor / Jeff Harry 53:14

#123 – Join me and Jeff Harry, who combine positive psychology and play to heal workplaces, help teams build psychological safety, and assist individuals in addressing their biggest challenges by embracing a play-oriented approach to work. Jeff has been featured in the NY Times, HuffPost, Shondaland, NPR, and more and has worked with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, the NFL and other Fortune 500 companies to infuse more play into the day-to-day. 

Jeff’s main goal is to make work suck less by assisting leaders in building a playground workplace atmosphere that motivates their staff to do their most vibrant work.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • why being cool is too much work 🤣,
  • how play is the opposite of perfection and expectations are the thief of joy,
  • why you should ask yourself, “How can it get any better than this,”
  • the ripple effect of joy,
  • the monetization mistake our society makes,
  • how to find more play in your life,
  • how having things to look forward to can combat depression,
  • why you should take a silly tour in your own city,
  • how to utilize reverse gossip,
  • the difference between a transactional conversation and a transformational conversation, and
  • the importance of human connection.

Radiant Rebellion, by Karen Walrond is the book Jeff mentions in the episode. (affiliate link)

Connect with Jeff on all the socials @jeffharryplays. Check out this hilarious reel and this one. To learn more about booking Jeff, or to introduce him to your toxic boss LOL, visit RediscoverYourPlay.com.

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