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These days we’re living in a zero click world.  What that means is all of the social media platforms and even Google are trying to get you to stay on the platform. 

They’re encouraging you to find the answers you need with them and they’re discouraging people from clicking through to your website. Unless of course you’re going to pay for an ad.  So when you’re not advertising. What do you do? How do you play in this zero click world.

There’s several things to keep in mind as you map your strategy in this zero click environment. The first is you need to adjust your expectations. In some ways, we are back to the early days of social media, where you evaluate your success based engagement and the interaction on the platform. You may not necessarily clicks through to your website.  And with shifting privacy rules you may not be able to measure that even if  you do.

With these revised criteria you need to think about your content differently.  Each piece of content is a stand-alone unit that tells a story from beginning to end.  But it needs to do so, quickly because your audience has a short attention span.

Put the punchline up front.  Use compelling headlines, hook the audience in the first thee seconds of the video or the first Image of a carousel.  Get right to the point right away, entertain the audience to they stay with you  and engage with everyone who interacts with the content. 

Ask questions, take polls and tell people if they want your special offer to simple leave a comment or dm you instead of clicking through to your website. 

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