1. Ep 159 Work-Life Balance for CEOs Who Want to Thrive in Family and Business Bernie Borges 16:59

My latest takeaway episode features my conversation with Walter Paulsen in episode 158.

Walter Paulsen is a seasoned executive with a passion for Coaching and mentoring other CEOs and founders as a Vistage Chair and Coach.

Three of our key discussion points are:

1️⃣ The power of peer-level CEO Coaching.
2️⃣ The CEO journey in Silicon Valley
3️⃣ The quest for balance

In this episode, I share my own personal experience living and working in Silicon Valley for ten years where I experienced the 24/7 work culture firsthand.

I also share my thoughts on the essential quest for balance, reflecting on my personal experiences in Silicon Valley. This episode explores the necessity of a balanced work culture for CEOs and their teams, advocating for a sustainable approach to success.

My challenge to you is to share this episode with someone you know who is struggling with a lack of balance in their work life. More people need to find a healthy balance to enjoy their family, vacations, and quality sleep.

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