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January 9th, 2024

A conversation for the soul with Dr. Nupi Arora

  1. A conversation for the soul with Dr. Nupi Arora Dr. Constance Leyland 1:05:26

This conversation and show should have happened a long time ago, but our time differences and busy schedules did not allow it. Today, the stars aligned, and we are going to chat about how our lives collide, and Dr. Arora is going to talk about her experiences that got her to give more to her community. Her adversity propels her to write a book, create her own show, and show up every day. Are you ready for it?

She is a medical doctor from the UK who has gone through her own burnout and used those experiences to help others.

Here is Dr. Nupi’s linkedin link:

Constance Leyland Host of Level Up Podcast

I am a serial educator, opportunities designer, and a compassionate leader. I am a professor in business for a decade. I own my own business creating programs for professional development bridging the gap between theories you learn in college and the real world skills needed to be employed. I also run my podcast which can be heard in 42 nations and counties as of today. I am #121 listened to in Apple podcast out of 2.4 million. I am in 13 distribution channels as of today.

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