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June 11th, 2024

EP 613: How to Increase Intimacy and Build Conscious Relationships

  1. EP 613: How to Increase Intimacy and Build Conscious Relationships Sandy Weiner 1:01:42

Want to increase intimacy in your life? My podcast guest, Magda Kay, is an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach, author of No More Faking It, and founder of the School of Intimacy. She is on a mission to help people access their deepest desires and discover the ability to create transformative intimacy in their lives.

In this episode:

  • Why Magda became an intimacy expert and Tantra teacher
  • What is intimacy and how is iit different from sex?
  • What are the four power centers?
  • How to create more intimacy and build more conscious relationships

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Sandy Weiner Dating and Relationship Coach for Boomers

Sandy Weiner is the Chief Love Officer at Last First Date. She's an internationally known TEDx speaker, dating and relationship coach, author, and podcast host. Her approach to coaching is holistic, encompassing  a hybrid mix of life coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Non-Violent Communication. She’s the author of "Becoming a Woman of Value; How to Thrive in Life and Love", and "Choice Points in Dating; Empowering Women to Make Healthier Decisions in Love". She’s also the host of two popular podcasts, Last First Date Radio and The Woman of Value Podcast, and she believes it's never too late to have the life and love you want!

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