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I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I am super excited to share this next episode. My guest has quite the sorted past. I am very moved by his story and how he's turned his life around. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Martin Lockett!
Martin Lockett is a substance abuse counselor, author, public speaker, and advocate for reducing DUI fatalities. He spent 17.5 years in prison for a DUI fatality that claimed two lives and severely injured another. In an impassioned vow to his victims’ families and friends at his sentencing, Lockett devoted the rest of his life to honoring his victims’ legacies by helping others who struggle with substance abuse.
While incarcerated, Martin earned a BS in sociology, MS in psychology, and served as a mentor and role model to other inmates. He acquired state certification as a substance abuse counselor, published two books (Prison to Purpose Pipeline and My Prison Life), and began telling his story at DUI victim impact panels all within the prison setting.
Now released, Lockett continues his mission and message by helping those in need of counseling for mental health and substance use disorders and sharing his powerful story across the country. To connect with Martin or to purchase his book, head to the lines below:

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