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How has everyone's week been? We've been busy over here making moves for Label Free Podcast. We're excited to highlight this next guest. She's changing the game for worm leaders & high achievers. Please welcome PREMIERE “VIP” nationally syndicated guest Mari Vasan! 
I'm Mari …
Women's Midlife Transformational Expert, Life Coach, & Hypnotist. With several years of experience as a coach and hypnotist, I decided to take my understanding of change to the next level by studying intensively with John Overdurf, one of the leading thinkers in the hypnosis and Coaching industries. This involved a deep dive into rhizomatic hypnotherapy, which draws on modern neuroscience, embodied cognition, rhizomatic principles, and Eriksonian approaches to create a powerful and flexible way to bring about lasting change.
​Seeking to equip myself with as many skills as possible to further support my clients, I earned certifications from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). One involved becoming a Certified Stress Management Consultant, which taught me tools and techniques that I could then pass along to my clients to help them cope with stress and anxiety. I also became a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.
Disheartened by the worldwide mental health crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, I started MindGift.org, a nonprofit online platform that provides free mental health tools and resources from thought leaders in the Coaching and hypnosis industries to anyone, anywhere. As someone with access to life-changing tools that have the power to provide relief to people who are suffering, there’s no way I could sit by and watch these tragedies unfold without doing something about it. That’s why I reached out to leading practitioners and trainers to get contributions for www.mindgift.org, which includes a page in Ukrainian language.

Inspired by the powerful results my private clients were enjoying, I decided I no longer want my services to be limited by the constraints of a one-to-one Coaching model. After studying with some of the most incredible thinkers in the industry, how could I not share the transformational knowledge with as many women as possible?! That’s why I created my signature 8-week course, Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation. So many women in Midlife feel stuck, depleted, and frustrated just like I once did… and I want to help as many of them as possible!” To learn more, head to my link ⬇️ :


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