1. A Little LESS FEAR -for humanity, which starts with YOU. Deanna Marie Kuempel 27:44

Happy Hump Day friends!

It is a little later than usual with this release. I've had personal stuff happening. I am grateful to share this  next episode with you.  I am a very accepting person. I love everyone, even those that do me wrong, I still want to help them. My next guest has had quite the journey. I'm grateful  and humbled by his courage. Please welcome my  next guest, Lino Martinez. From Lino: 

I wrote this book, A Little Less Fear, and created my podcast, A Little Less FEAR PODCAST, with one thing in mind: helping people.

I know that everything I have gone through in my very first 40 years of life are for a purpose. I believe we all are born with a purpose, but not all become aware of it. I am blessed with being able to become aware and ready to fulfill my life's purpose. I have lived many lifetimes already in this one, short waking life, and therefore I feel it is my duty, as a human being with some life experience, to address, vocalize, and show my compassion by relating to the world's sufferings. It is my honored duty to share with the world, life's lessons.

If there is one thing this book will do for you, it's show you love. Unconditional love — for humanity, which starts with YOU.




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