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April 10th, 2024

Making Parenthood a Priority

  1. Making Parenthood a Priority Jody Maberry 18:21

“People make huge big deals of celebrities, but they very seldom give praise to the something that’s way more important than celebrity, which is a great father or a great mother.”

Key Moments

02:13 The Impact of Parenthood on Empowering Children

04:44 Value of Handwritten Memories

08:18 Celebrating Unnoticed Heroes: Parents

11:15 Character is Remembered More than Achievements

15:35 Balancing Career on the Road and Family

17:21 Writing About Family Stories in Maria’s Scarf

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Making Parenthood a Priority

As we do on this show, when we have a guest, they come back the very next week to ask me 3 questions. Zoro the Drummer is kind enough to return for a great conversation around making parenthood a priority. His questions highlight the importance we both place on prioritizing family, making sacrifices to be present for children, and the role fatherhood has played in our lives, both personally and professionally.

Our last conversation showcases how Zoro skillfully balances his passion for music with his dedication to parenting. Commitment to family doesn’t hold you back. We have both found it important to make every moment count. For him, it’s chose red-eye flights just to tuck his kids into bed. I shared my own experience flying back from a conference across the country to be there for my son’s birthday. It’s the moments we show up for that our kids remember, not the conferences we speak at. Presence is the best gift we can offer.

Maria’s Scarf, Zoro’s memoir, is a great example of the profound impact his mother, had on him, and how this influenced his book. His relationship with his mom sets the rhythm for his outlook on fatherhood and life. He shares how his mother’s encouraging spirit lived on at her funeral, which was attended by those touched by her kindness. From pharmacists to grocery clerks. True legacies are made of love and the positive influence we have in our daily interactions.

Zoro the Drummer’s commitment to handwritten notes to his kids echoes the daily letters I write to my own. Writing letters to my kids every day has become a way I am able to express love, capture moments, and craft a legacy no matter where I am. These notes have become my own manuscripts, documenting life through storytelling and letter-writing. Much like I love park preservation, these letters have a way of preserving an emotional legacy my children, by capturing growth moments and familial bonds.

This conversation was such a great way to show how our day-to-day interactions and the way we treat others leaves a lasting impact, especially on our family. Make sure to listen to the full episode and remember to honor the relationships that shape our world.

Jody Maberry Jody Maberry-Podcast Host

Jody Maberry is a former park ranger who became the happiest podcaster on earth. With more than 2,400 podcast episodes across several shows, Jody's podcasts have been listened to more than 4 million times. Jody has been heard around the world on shows such as The Park Leaders Show, Creating Disney Magic, Come Rain or Shine, and Great Escape Radio, among many others.  It's not just his voice that makes Jody a popular host; it's his curiosity, versatility, and ability to create a captivating conversation about any topic. He has hosted podcasts about Disney, recreation, travel writing, leadership, pharmacy, real estate, and self-improvement. His reputation in podcasting has led Jody to be featured in INC, Entrepreneur, The Business Journals, and Bizable TV.  Along with Lee Cockerell, he was nominated for Best Business Podcast and the People's Choice Awards for the popular Creating Disney Magic podcast.

Jody has also become a trusted voice for executives leaving the corporate world. As a guide in the wildernessof personal branding, Jody has worked with executives from well-known companies like Disney, government
officials, and professional athletes.  Jody's storytelling and unique outside perspectiveconnect with audiences and individuals, whether behind a podcast microphone, on the stage, or at a conference table.

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