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#109 – After hitting pause for a few weeks through the holidays, I'm back in full stride, eager to share with you the latest from the running world and my own personal journey. You will hear about my running goals for 2024 and how I am thinking about preparing for them (mentally and physically). We also have incredible guest interviews that are on the way!

Topics Covered:

  • Get the latest on Inspire to Run Podcast
  • Hear about my running goals for 2024
  • Learn about the slight format change to the show (I think you’ll like it!)

Richard Conner

Richard is a strategic marketing professional with experience in B2B marketing. Richard is the founder of Inspire to Run and is passionate about helping others reach their goals. He is a Connecticut native and is a husband, dad, writer, Star Wars fan, and of course – runner! Richard recently discovered obstacle course racing and has fully embraced this new obsession.


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Richard Conner Host of Inspire to Run Podcast

Richard Conner, podcast host, is a marketer, entrepreneur, and runner. Richard has run numerous 5Ks and now has moved into the world of half marathons and obstacle course races.