1. How to Master and Succeed at Multiple Sports with Melissa Linden Melissa Linden 42:05

#110 – Are you struggling to train and compete in multiple sports; or nervous about starting a second sport? Listen to my conversation with Melissa Linden, competitive hybrid athlete, as she shares her story from her first 5K that she ran with reluctance, to conquering  endurance sports and strength training.

Melissa's story is nothing short of inspirational and she lays out her secrets on how to set realistic goals, prioritize races, and juggle a busy life without dropping the ball. Her path from reluctant runner to strongwoman champion is a testament to the power of goal setting, diligent training, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn how balance training between sports and setting the right expectations
  • Hear tips on how to plan and prioritize races to set yourself up for success
  • Explore the ways to manage recovery when training for multiple sports to perform your best

Today’s Guest

Melissa Linden

Melissa is a hybrid athlete participating and competing in the sports of distance running, obstacle course racing, ultramarathons, endurance OCR, powerlifting, and Strongman. She also dabbles in functional fitness and CrossFit competitions for fun. She was guilted into running a 5K back in 2013 and fell so hard in love with the idea of setting, training for, and achieving a goal that she has been running ever since. 

Along the way, she equally fell in love with being strong and lifting heavy and is determined to prove that it's possible to be a high-performing athlete in dissimilar sports. A mechanical engineer by day, she lives in New Jersey with her husband James, who you can find on top of Melissa's shoulders as she carries him across the Finish Line.

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