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December 12th, 2022

Boomers-Millennials-GenZ: Bridging Generational Gaps

  1. Boomers-Millennials-GenZ: Bridging Generational Gaps Wendy Green 32:06

This episode begins the conversation on Hey, Boomer to start to find the opportunities for the generations to build bridges of understanding.

There are so many reasons the generations are separated, which has caused misperceptions, blaming and shaming, going both ways.

We are at time when solutions to things like climate change, mental health, the high cost of education, longer lifespans would benefit from co-generational collaboration. The older generation has experience with social change and could provide wisdom and time. The younger generations have the technology save and energy to bring to finding solutions.

Age segregation also contributes to ageism going both ways. When we are not exposed to multiple generations, we do not understand them. We make assumptions about what it means to be older and what it means to be younger.

My hope, with expanding the vision of Hey, Boomer to include intergenerational and co-generational conversations, is to meet the needs of all generations to feel useful, to make a difference and live a life of purpose.

Here are the links to the Organizations Mentioned in this Episode

Bridge Meadows in Portland, OR

Pemberton Park for Grandfamilies in Kansas City, Missouri

Generations Over Dinner

Bridging Differences Playbook

Intergenerational Conversations

Becoming a Better Mentor

Third Act


Big & Mini

Sages & Seekers

Civic Saturday

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