1. Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 20 Ep 3: Special Guest and leadership coach Omiros petri Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 22:50

Omiros Petri is a dedicated personal coach with experience guiding clients from diverse industries and backgrounds in their journey toward personal and professional growth. He conducts thorough assessments of clients’ strengths, challenges, and goals to develop tailored strategies for their development.

Omiros specializes in designing and facilitating online leadership development seminars, covering various aspects of leadership, including transformational classes to unlock individuals’ full potential.

He conducts personalized Coaching sessions, delving deep into clients’ unique challenges and concerns, working collaboratively to identify areas for improvement in personal relationships and Time Management. As a certified Life and Success coach, Omiros has a strong track record of helping clients define their goals and implement effective strategies for long-term success. His passion lies in empowering individuals to overcome challenges, foster leadership skills, and reach their true potential. Omiros finds immense fulfillment in being a trusted source of guidance for personal and professional transformation, and he is committed to continuing this meaningful work

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Dan Amzallag Podcaster, Author

Author, investor, life/business/retirement coach, Psychotherapist, podcast host, marriage counselor, and so much more, all wrapped under one person. Dealing with challenges in life? I am here to help. Difficulties in relationships? I can assist. Hard to find yourself in life? That is still something i can help with. No matter what you deal with, always know there is a solution around the corner, and i will always stand in that corner. Do not hesitiate to ask.