1. Trauma Stage: Anger Hrisanthi Dokos and Amanda Blackwood 45:20

Moving past the denial of a traumatic event can take time, but once you’re past that one, the rest of the world sort of opens up for you – and it’s scarier than you might have imagined. The reality of what you survived starts smacking you upside the head like a brick being thrown from a fifth floor window. Being bombarded by that emotional overload starts to bring up all sorts of emotions you might not be ready for. The key emotion that will seem to take over everything is anger. Reality screams at you, and in turn, you want to scream right back.

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Amanda Blackwood is an accomplished artist and author, public speaker, podcast host, trauma recovery mentor and a survivor of human trafficking. A portion of every book sale goes to help fight human trafficking. Amanda lives in Denver, Colorado with her rescue cats and supportive husband who keep her sane.