1. Ikigai and Ichigo Ichie: Japanese Practices for a Better Life girlishgurus 36:10

Join Joy & Lorraine as they share the wonderful Japanese practices of Ikigai, which is the practice of finding purpose in our lives, and Ichigo Ichie, which literally means “one time, one meeting” , and is often translated to mean, “one chance in a lifetime”.  An inspirational chat that may just add more happiness and joy in your life!….and you can never have too much JOY! 😊

Some of the key topics of the discussion include:

*4 Components of Ikigai or finding purpose

*10 Rules of Happiness for Ichigo Ichie. The importance of celebrating each moment.

*How Joy & Lorraine incorporate both in their lives


Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Philosophy of Ikigai: 3 Examples About Finding Purpose (positivepsychology.com)

Ikigai Meaning: How to Find Your Life Purpose – 2024 – MasterClass

What Is Ichigo Ichie? 10 Rules Of The Japanese Way To Happiness | mindbodygreen


Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

The Book of Ichigo Ichie: The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, the Japanese Way 

E2 – Pam Grout

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Joy Alford-Brand Co-Host Girlish Gurus

Joy Alford-Brand is an attorney, author, public speaker and content creator. Joy graduated from Ohio State University College of Law in 1998. In 2014, she wrote her first book. The next year, she launched her first website, YouTube channel and social media presence. It was then that her new career as a content creator was born! A self-taught podcaster, Joy is passionate about helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives and uses podcasting to encourage women over 45 to live their best lives. She also likes to laugh, too! As a co-host of the Girlish Gurus podcast with her good friends Lorraine Miano and Susan Richardson, their is plenty of laughter and information in every episode.