Monday - May 27th, 2024
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May 13th, 2024

Monday Motivation Boost: Begin with Balance

  1. Monday Motivation Boost: Begin with Balance Sel Gaston 7:30

Kickstart your week with a dose of humor, heart, and harmony! Dive into ‘Begin with Balance,’ a refreshing take on setting intentions for a well-rounded week ahead. Discover the art of balancing tasks with ease, sprinkled with lighthearted anecdotes and practical affirmations. Whether you’re a sunrise yogi like Joey or a busy bee seeking serenity, this post is your guide to embracing each moment with a smile. Join us for a journey into mindful living where laughter is as valuable as focus. It’s time to transform your Mondays from mundane to magical!

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My mission is to develop people and help them show their best versions to the world. I am an educator, a mindfulness and executive coach, a podcaster and social media pundit that want nothing more to see people connecting to find more meaningfulness in all the things they do.

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