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June 10th, 2024

From Pain To Power- Affirmations for Resilience & Empowerment

  1. From Pain To Power- Affirmations for Resilience & Empowerment Sel Gaston 8:40

Today, we embark on a transformative journey, converting pain into fortitude and Resilience. Utilizing the tools of visualization and empowering affirmations, this guided meditation aims to uplift you. Whether you’re navigating through a challenging period or striving to fortify your inner strength, this session is designed to steer you towards a more empowered and positive state of mind.

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My mission is to develop people and help them show their best versions to the world. I am an educator, a mindfulness and executive coach, a podcaster and social media pundit that want nothing more to see people connecting to find more meaningfulness in all the things they do.

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