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April 24th, 2024

Dealing With Anxiety

  1. Dealing With Anxiety Sel Gaston 11:11

On today’s episode, we’re thrilled to have Brian Sachetta, author and owner of Get Out of Your Head®. Brian’s brand and book series seeks to help folks overcome anxiety and depression, drawing on his experiences as a software developer and his battles with mental health issues. In his work, Brian combines his knowledge of computer systems with practical strategies for evading psychological demons and finding inner peace. He currently has two books on the market, “Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety” and “Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2: Navigating the Abyss of Depression.” Brian’s mission is to help as many sufferers as possible through not only his books but also his blog and podcast appearances. We’re excited to hear more about Brian’s unique approach to overcoming anxiety and depression. Let’s listen to Brian lead this guided meditation on Dealing With Anxiety.

We thank Brian for joining us today. His insights into overcoming anxiety and depression are invaluable, and we appreciate his unique perspective on the parallels between computer systems and the human mind. His dedication to helping others through his brand, books, and podcast appearances is inspiring. For listeners who want to learn more about Brian’s work or get in touch, you can visit his website at 

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My mission is to develop people and help them show their best versions to the world. I am an educator, a mindfulness and executive coach, a podcaster and social media pundit that want nothing more to see people connecting to find more meaningfulness in all the things they do.

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