1. FR EP #347 Aligning Your Life with What Your Body Needs with Katie Bramlett Gina R Farrar 44:56

Today on Feminine Roadmap: Aligning your life with what your body needs with Katie Bramlett. Katie is the co-founder of We-Shape, a company that creates personalized workouts that meet you where you are. Today she talks about their mission to change how and why people exercise. The goal is to focus on why we move our bodies, to feel good, have energy, and connect with our body. Toxic diet culture focuses on external outcomes, pushing through, and a number on the scale. Switching from the should to connecting with the what feels fright for my body today is a key element in this philosophy. Fitness and nutrition is not a one size fits most paradigm, it’s individual and personal for each person. Katie encourages listeners to practice turning up the internal dial of self, listening to our bodies so we can connect with ourselves and move accordingly. When it comes to food, the goal is to create neutrality not judgement around food to avoid disordered eating patterns. As we question our narratives, the hope is that it will crack open the door just a little to let some new light in. When we find a way to feel safe enough to be open to making a change toward releasing beliefs about our identity we’ve held around diet and exercise, we can learn to connect to our body in a new way. There are so many nuggets of encouragement and wisdom in this conversation so grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us! Also, if you’re curious, here’s a free gift from Katie and her team https://www.weshape.com/feminineroadmap

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