Turning Negative Self Talk into Unstoppable Confidence!

I am so thrilled to welcome speaker, author and certified life coach Paul Boehnke who I came across when I was hosting his masterclass for the international association of professional coaches and mentors and loved his presentation so much I asked him if he would be kind enough to share here too and here we are! In this episode we talk about the inner critic, why it’s your best friend and how to get it to act that way.

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00:00 Introduction of Paul Boehnke.
00:34 Paul’s passion for overcoming negative self-talk.
01:10 Negative self-talk effects: Procrastination, impostor syndrome.
02:11 Origins of self-limiting beliefs discussed.
03:21 Transitioning negative self-talk to confidence.
06:34 Recognizing messages as external, not self-identity.
08:40 Habitual thoughts and neural pathways explanation.
10:37 The challenge of changing ingrained programming.
12:19 Identifying and replacing core lies.
14:25 Introduction of Paul’s book, "Thoughts on Demand."
17:23 Paul specializes in combating negative self-talk.
20:19 Deeper change requires external support.
22:18 Transforming beliefs through practice.
27:17 Broadening perspective reduces suffering.

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