1. Finding Peace in Chaos 16:42

In this third and final episode in the first series about Climate Anxiety, we chat with Mike Vera, a board-certified health coach and founder of Red Pill Health and Wellness. 

We discuss the importance of a personalized standard operating procedure (SOP) for maintaining health and managing Climate Anxiety. Mike emphasizes the importance of exercise, mindful breathing, and staying organized as key ways to reduce stress. He also highlights the significance of planning relaxation and seeking out challenges as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

The is the best conversation for providing valuable insights into maintaining  your mental and physical health in order to cope effectively with the effects of Climate Anxiety.


Mike Vera holds a Master’s of Science degree specialized in Sport Psychology, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Prevention. As the founder of Red Pill Health & Wellness, he is fervently dedicated to debunking health myths and empowering individuals with scientifically accurate information. His unparalleled approach centers on understanding the influence of propaganda, guiding clients in controlling their environment and thoughts to achieve their health objectives. A staunch advocate for critical thinking, Mike’s philosophy stands as a beacon for those eager to assert control over their well-being.

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Charlene Norman Chief Empathy Officer & Truth Teller

I help my clients grow their empires in ways that are unique to them. It is not about using one tried and true and guaranteed offer. It is about matching the desires and goals of the client with the tactics that fit best with them.

Business and life are fun, leadership is not difficult and making money is easy. I know that trusting your intuition, pulling the answers from deep within you and standing in your own power are the best ways to reach your goals. My job is not to tell you what to do. My job is to partner with you and find the best match for your personality.