1. Oops there it is! Is a recession coming? Greg Aler 7:50

Everyday in the financial headlines you can find people who believe the markets will soar and others who believe we are on the edge of disaster. Greg tries to gives us some perspective on how to sift through all the noise. 

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Greg Aler Founder of Golden Reserve and Author of Fire Your Financial Advisor

Greg Aler was born and raised in small town Ohio. College. Law School. Then off to one of the largest law firms in the world. Later, he went on to build three multi-million-dollar companies before the age of 40 – an elder care law firm, a financial services firm, and a real estate company. He is a perpetual disruptor; re-thinking and re-building industries that are too rich or too stubborn to change. Yet always, coming back to his roots and directing his companies (and his book) to fight for the people that get overlooked – hard-working everyday folks, like his parents. The other 95%-ers.

Greg has his own TV, Radio & Podcast Show—Expedition Retirement.

The only thing Greg loves more than cooking, scuba diving, boating and laughing with friends on his back porch, is being with his wife Fernanda, and three kiddos (Lilly, Lola & Louie).