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June 5th, 2024 Mature Content

Nutrition, Ethics, and Balance: Plant-Based Eating Beyond Social Media Myths with Miguel Yiallourides

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  1. Nutrition, Ethics, and Balance: Plant-Based Eating Beyond Social Media Myths with Miguel Yiallourides Carly Jean Puch 46:21

Join me for an enlightening conversation as I welcome back Miguel, a dedicated plant-based coach from Cyprus. Miguel shares his inspiring journey from a traditional 9-to-5 job to launching his own online Coaching service in 2019, driven by his passion for exercise and nutrition. He discusses his transition to a vegan lifestyle in 2015, his motivations, and his increasing interest in plant-based eating. Listen in as Miguel talks about the challenges of accessing vegan-friendly foods in smaller communities and how even his family and acquaintances are gradually reducing their animal product consumption.

In this episode, we explore the multifaceted benefits of a vegan lifestyle, from unexpected health improvements like increased energy levels to ethical and environmental considerations. We address the societal pressures and unrealistic expectations often portrayed online, and critique trends like the ancestral diet. Reflecting on personal experiences with hunting and fishing, we emphasize the importance of evolving based on new information. The conversation also touches on the dual aspects of veganism, highlighting the need to separate nutritional and ethical arguments while advocating for a balanced perspective.

Finally, we tackle the pitfalls of taking nutrition advice from social media, stressing the importance of seeking guidance from certified professionals. Learn about the red flags to watch out for and the problematic trend of sensationalist content that can lead to disordered eating behaviors. We also discuss the significance of maintaining a balanced approach to nutrition, enjoying occasional indulgences, and questioning vague nutritional advice. With insights into the benefits of a plant-based diet and the impact of social media on mental health, this episode provides a comprehensive look at living a healthier, happier life both online and offline.

Guest Bio:

Miguel C. Yiallourides Miguel is a certified personal trainer and vegan nutritionist. He runs a successful online Coaching business, helping individuals take control of their health and fitness.His main goal is that he is his client’s “last coach”, by offering a holistic Coaching approach touching on nutrition, exercise, mental health/ mindset and overall relationship with food. He also has 2 cats, loves to surf, lift weights and has been vegan since 2015.You can find him at @miguelthevegan on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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As I stumbled through the perils of answering the ultimate question, "what do you want to do with your life?" I knew somehow my answer would incorporate helping others. This translated into paths that, when I tuned into the universe, I realized were very connected. (Funny how that always happens!)

People are complicated, messy, and layered with identities. So is this space. I am a meditation enthusiast that sits in quietness every morning and a lover of blasting 90's hip-hop at full volume. I'm a gym rat and a yoga instructor. I am both learner and a teacher. We are all many things. Together we can make them all work.

I love to share all the things I'm learning along the way. Learning how to be your most fabulous self but being honest about how damn hard and messy it can be along the way lets you speak your truth. It allows you to best use your voice for the causes that matter to you. Let's get healthy and change the world together!

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