1. Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are Passionate World Talk Radio 50:02

Today’s guest with Betsy Wurzel is Reiner Lomb, CEO and Founder of Boomerang Coach, LLC, an executive Coaching firm, Global business leader, successful entrepreneur, Author, and Writer of “The Boomerang Approach” which is Reiner’s first book, and” ASPIRE, Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are.”Reiner Lomb discusses how he came up with the book title, and why it is important for people in leadership to be mindful of their emotions. Reiner discussed the pyramid of the seven emotions and how anyone can benefit from knowing and putting into practice the 7 emotions. Help create a successful relationship with coworkers and have a positive work environment!

Betsy Wurzel and Reiner Lomb discussed how leaders, mentors, and management can benefit from knowing their emotions and how they can help their coworkers, their companies, and businesses to grow to be successful in their work environments and personal lives!

Betsy was so inspired and motivated chatting with Reiner Lomb in the interview! Betsy highly recommends going on Reiner Lomb’s website to connect with Reiner, and find out detailed information on Reiner Lomb’s career and his Boomerang Coaching Services!

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