1. Dr. Georgette Zinaty - Why Not You? Tony Chapman 58:02

What does it take to be exceptional? Why haven’t we closed the gap if diversity has proven to create a more robust and resilient culture and greater profitability? Does that mean others must stand down if you stand for diversity and inclusion?  How can you create or contribute to a culture of excellence if the people you count on work remotely?  How can an individual make a difference in a world with many headwinds?  What does having privilege mean, and why should it be surrendered for the benefit of others?  Where do I find trust and a sense of belonging?  I am a parent of young children. What education or career do they pursue when AI is stripping away the value and contribution of humans?

I have so many questions about the future of work.  I started looking for answers, and a name that came up several times was Dr. Georgette Zinaty. I am glad she agreed to join me on Chatter that Matters.  I didn’t hold back; she answered my questions with clarity and passion. 

Dr. Georgette Zinaty is a leadership and diversity expert, the author of the book ‘Why Not You’ and the founder of Women Helping Empower Women (WHEW!), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women leaders and promoting diversity.  She is also a TED speaker and Forbes contributor. 

This week, she started a new role as Chief of Staff at Myant, a disruptive company driving innovation in advanced material science, integrated systems, and advanced manufacturing to empower a future where humans, animals and the planet coexist harmoniously.

Andrea Barrack, Senior Vice President and lead champion of Corporate Citizenship and ESG at RBC joins the show and we discuss the role that organizations can and must play to ensure everyone, regardless of ethnicity or gender has a seat at the table.  We also talk about some of the challenges facing society and what can be done through our collective efforts.

I hope you enjoy both these conversation as much as the learning I garnered from them.


To buy Georgette Zinaty’s book Why Not You: 

www.whewwomen.com  100% of the proceeds go to support her non-profit Women Helping Empower Women


If you don’t have time for the entire episode here are my favourite spots.

I don’t have what it takes to lead – 01:00

Dr. Georgette Zinaty Intro 02:35

Dr. Georgette Zinaty Challenges Tony Chapman. 03:04

Tony asks Georgette – did I give my Niece the right advice?  06:38

Remote Working and Culture:  07:21

We learn about Georgette’s childhood. 10:11

Those kinds of skills don’t expire:  16:51

Importance of Mentorship 19:21

AI and the Importance of Community. 21:43

Does diversity mean your son has to stand down?  25:28

A big idea for all youth – Personal Advisory Board 28:15

What should I do with my privilege? 30:22

We talk about her book:  What about you? 32:35

Will AI replace you? 37:59

Gender Gap is widening, why?  47:47

Tony’s Three Takeaways 49:21

Andrea Barrack joins the show. 51:36.

Trust is falling in institutions. 53:00

What is our North Star   53:56

Hollowing out the middle class 55:00

What must be done to close the gap?  55:33

Government alone isn’t the solution. 57:00

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