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The Serendipitous Journey of a Multitalented Artist – A Passage Through Friendship – Lea Sakran : 136

  1. The Serendipitous Journey of a Multitalented Artist - A Passage Through Friendship - Lea Sakran : 136 32:03

Lea, a Swiss author and voiceover artist, shares her incredible journey from a childhood spent honing her piano skills to discovering new creative avenues in theatre and beyond. Hear how her rigorous training at the conservatory in San Francisco and the cultural leap from Switzerland to the United States shaped her artistic path. Guided by curiosity and encouragement, Lea's experiences in Paris and various artistic settings illuminate the serendipity of her career through the passages of friendship and the importance of embracing each opportunity that comes her way.

Lea Sakran is a cosmopolitan with Mediterranean, Eastern, and Western roots. She is a storyteller, author, copywriter, screenwriter, actress, and narrator known for her versatile and globally flavoured voice.

Lea doesn't just stop at her musical journey—she takes us into the multifaceted world of voiceover work, highlighting the significance of rhythm, voice care, and the broad spectrum of opportunities within the field. From working as a counsellor for visually impaired children to creating her own audiobooks like “Gusta and Gusto,” Lea emphasizes the deep connection between storytelling and family. This episode explores the rich history of storytelling, its modern evolution, and the enduring value of the human voice amidst the rise of artificial intelligence. Discover how Lea's passion for connecting generations through stories continues to inspire and resonate in an ever-evolving industry.
Let's enjoy her story!

Lea services: Voiceover and narration for Audiobooks, commercials, Corporate documentaries, E-Learning, and Voice acting for different characters.

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