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February 21st, 2024

Golden Nuggets — 2/21/24– Disappearing LIPS

When women hit the fabulous 55 and beyond, a curious phenomenon often occurs – their lips start embarking on a mysterious vanishing act. Yes, "disappearing lips" become a part of the aging ensemble, leaving many to wonder whether there’s a secret lip relocation program they weren’t informed about. So, what’s the deal with the case of the gradually diminishing pout?

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. As we age, our bodies decide that collagen, the magical protein keeping our lips plump and party-ready, is overrated. They slowly dial back on production, like a factory winding down after peak season. The result? Lips that once boldly declared every emotion now seem to whisper their existence.

But fear not! The Resilience and creativity of women over 55 know no bounds. To combat the great lip disappearance, an arsenal of solutions, ranging from the ingenious to the hilariously absurd, has been deployed. Here’s a tribute to the lengths (and widths) we go to reclaim our lip landscape:

Lip Liner Leverage: The first line of defense in the battle of the vanishing lips. Some women become Michelangelo with a lip liner, skillfully drawing on a masterpiece that would make the Sistine Chapel ceiling blush. The trick is not to look surprised when your lips enter the room minutes before you do.

The Glossy Distraction: Ever tried to dazzle your way out of a problem? Enter the age of high-shine lip gloss. It’s like putting reflectors on your bike at night – suddenly, everyone notices you’re there! The glossier, the better. If you can signal airplanes with your lip shine, you’re doing it right.

Plumping Potions: There’s a whole market dedicated to lip plumpers that promise to puff up your pout like a soufflé. Some tingle, some sting, and others feel like a mild electrical shock. It’s all fun and games until you’re trying to explain why you’re vibrating at the dinner table.

Color Outside the Lines: Who said you have to color within the lines? Not the over-55 lip artistes. They embrace the mantra, "Go bold or go home," extending their lip territory with audacious colors. If it looks like you kissed a unicorn, you’re on the right track.

The Permanent Solution: For those who are tired of the daily draw and gloss, permanent makeup enters the scene. It’s like getting a tattoo, but for your lips. The plus side? You wake up every morning with your lips still on your face. The downside? You better love that color because it’s sticking with you through thick and thin (or until you decide to get it lasered off).

In the end, the journey of the disappearing lips is less about the lips themselves and more about the spirit, humor, and creativity of the women who navigate this change. Whether it’s through makeup magic, embracing the natural evolution, or finding laughter in the process, the story of "disappearing lips" is just another chapter in the fabulous book of life after 55. And remember, when in doubt, a smile is the best lip accessory anyone can wear.

Ronald Surz Professional Investment Manager
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