1. Brian Nelson - The Great Unmaking (The Course of Empire Series Book 3) Travis Davis 39:17

In this conversation, Brian Nielsen discusses his books and the inspiration behind them. He explores the themes of technology, artificial intelligence, and the potential dangers they pose. The conversation also touches on the role of the Chinese government as a villain in his books and the real-world implications of China’s activities. Brian shares his experiences writing across genres, including historical fiction and high fantasy. He also discusses his writing process and the research involved in writing nonfiction. In this conversation, Brian discusses his writing career and future projects with Travis. They talk about continuing a series, writing a fantasy book, starting a writing career, publishing and reception, writing about Venezuela, marketing and building a brand, the business of writing, the impact of current events, research and learning, recommendations, upcoming book release, commitment to writing, balancing writing and other jobs, and supporting yourself as a writer. They also discuss the writing process and the importance of visual detail in storytelling.

Travis Davis Author and Podcaster