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May 15th, 2024

The Master 2024

  1. The Master 2024 AdventuRetired 26:49

A buckle list for many and a birthday present to us, the Masters experience was a great treat. Yes, it is birthday month again, and this year Curt and I decided to take advantage of our special “in” to the Masters and travel to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters practice rounds. Although it was a month earlier than our actual birthdays, we decided it was the perfect birthday treat for both of us. The weather was perfect and the company great, a perfect birthday gift to ourselves! Join us today for this episode and experience the Masters with us. And….Happy birthday Curt, I love you more!

We are Curt and Cindy Liljedahl and we love our retirement.  As retired  public school teachers with a combined total of 60 years in the classroom, we feel blessed to have  retired from jobs we loved at the age of 54.  Now on to other Adventures!

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