Author: Edited by Joanna Brandt

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Loss Is Inevitable, Grief Is Natural, Healing Is Gradual &Raquo; 81 Bbook Photo

Loss is inevitable, Grief is natural, Healing is gradual is a compilation of stories that illustrates the Grief we suffer when we lose something or someone we love. The accounts are varied: scenarios depicting the “dying away” of destructive notions that breakdown the self-esteem; the movement away from addictions with food and unhealthy body images; the letting go of identities that are superficial to create ones that are authentic and true, and the losing of someone who is dear to us. Eighteen authors share their experiences passing through Grief and finding the curative means to begin again. They provide the freedom to grieve according to what feels right; there are no “formulas,” no schedules, no restrictions.

Sharing our stories with each other enables the healing process to begin. Loss is inevitable, Grief is natural, Healing is gradual reveals the successes of those who have traveled through despair and found solace; its words of comfort go a long way to penetrate the isolation that Grief can so quickly impose.

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