Attention fitness lovers and health-conscious individuals! Get ready to revolutionize your wellness journey with the groundbreaking partnership between HyperSpeed Health Technologies and Ascend Performance Training. Together, we’re pioneering the first-ever genetic-based digital wellness center, offering a personalized, standardized, and cutting-edge approach to achieving your optimal health.

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Dive into the Details:

  • Individualized: Through genetic testing and advanced AI analysis, we create a unique roadmap specifically tailored to your body’s needs and potential. No more one-size-fits-all routines; this is wellness designed for YOU.
  • Standardized: Our digital platform delivers consistent, high-quality experiences and guidance, no matter your location or access to traditional resources.
  • Revolutionizing Wellness: HyperSpeed & Ascend’s collaboration pushes the boundaries of personalized health, empowering you to unlock your fitness goals, optimize your nutrition, and achieve long-term well-being.

Special Offer:

Excited to join the future of personalized wellness? Until March 1st, we’re offering FREE digital screenings, personalized workouts, and comprehensive profiles to the first 10 customers! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to experience the cutting-edge technology and expert guidance of our genetic-based approach.

Learn More:

  • Tune in to our full announcement podcast dropping Tuesday at 6 am ET, available everywhere podcasts are hosted!
  • Claim your FREE digital screening by sending us a DM or visiting ,

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Tripp Parks Author, Podcast Host, Gym Owner

My name is Tripp Parks. I am the author of the book "Health Profiling"; I co-own: Ascend Performance Training Center and business solutions, Kalevala Labs Supplements; co-own/host the podcast Health Or High Water. (ISSA Certified: Personal Trainer, Genetic-based Program Design, Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Elite Trainer)

With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. From playing professional football for the Rival Professional Football league, to working in genetics supplementation, personal training, nutrition and much more.

The latest I have been working on is developing the process my partner and I call, "Health Profiling". We are faced with one of the worst health epidemics ever seen before in human history and I wanted to come up with a way to fix it and thats where Health Profiling was born. Health Profiling is basically a new way of looking at health and wellness. The problem is when you go to a personal trainer they are going to solve your problems with workouts; a nutritionist will solve it with diet/supplementation, etc. The problem is no one is putting them together.

Just like when we invest our money, we diversify those funds. The same goes with our health and wellness. Health Profiling is about diversifying our health and wellness to all aspects. I look at everything for someones health journey (genetics, hormones, workouts, sleep, stress, mentality, etc.) that truly makes them healthy.

This all starts with genetics! Using genetic testing we can get a qualitative road map to apply Health Profiling to our daily life's!

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