How do I know these are favorite books for kids you might ask?  Well…we attended a baby shower for my niece, Olivia.  She lives in a different state than all of the attendees of the shower.  Therefore, gifts were mailed directly to her home.  (That could get a little crazy getting all those gifts home, right?)  However, what is a baby shower without gifts to open?  Sooo….everyone brought their favorite children’s book for her to open at the shower.

Now, while I believe it is common to request books in lieu of cards these days, for this particular shower, people really threw their hearts into sharing their all time favorite books.  Books they read to their own children and/or books that were read to them as a child.  I  believe that since these were the “gifts” that Olivia opened, we all watched with anticipation as each book was unwrapped.  It was truly heart warming to listen to each story of why these 33 FAVORITE books for kids made the list!

33 FAVORITE books for kids ~

I am taking the time to share a link for each one.  You, of course, can also find many of these books in some of your local stores.  Even if you like to purchase your books at perhaps a local bookstore (I am a HUGE fan of bookstores!) or some other shop, you can at least learn a bit about each book listed in the link before heading out to shop!

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In this book, it is school picture day and Juno Valentine is having a Fashion emergency!  We probably all have at least one crazy  memory from picture day, right?  😉 Follow along Juno’s adventures as she decides just how she should dress for this big day!  ***(This book was indeed perfect, as my beautiful niece is an amazing Fashion designer of women’s wear.  Please check out her amazing website here!  )

Learn ways to celebrate ALL the things that make you happy each day whether big or small!  A snuggly book that has adorable illustrations!

A cute book with 10 bears that slowly decrease in number.  Not only is this a great bedtime story, but one that easily introduces subtraction.  That’s a win-win in my book!

A wonderful board book that shows kids being kind in many different situations.  It helps teach kids that kindness goes a long way in building good friendships!

A super cute book that is sure to bring laughter!  Big Foot (the Sasquatch) is naked because well, that’s just how Sasquatch’s live!  In this rhyming adventure, he explains to the ranger why he shouldn’t wear clothes!

A long time favorite of many!  Little Sal is out picking blueberries while a baby bear is too.  Will each little one go home with the correct mama?

A heartfelt book written by Dolly Parton about a little girl in need of a warm winter coat.  She is teased by her friends for being poor?  What does this sweet girl learn in the end?

The classic edition of a Christmas favorite of so many!  The illustrations in this edition are simply beautiful!  It also was a repeat gift so that pretty much sums it up that it is a necessity in every child’s library!

A fun way for young ones to learn about baby animals.  A set of 16 colorful flashcards with pictures and textures!

Enjoy the beautiful illustrations of children and animals.  Through acts of kindness, kids learn that not only are we loved, but we also matter!

We all KNEW this would make the list…am I right?  As this one was unwrapped there was a multitude of comments about how much they love this book and how  it still makes everyone cry.  If you have never read this one, do yourself a favor and get it!  It’s a beautiful story of a young mother and how she loves her son through the years….the ending is priceless!

Nancy Tillman is obviously a great author, as another of her books is listed above.  This beautiful book sends the message of unconditional love.  A message that is so important for children to learn at an early age and always remember!

The sweet little polka dotted elephant, Elliot, learns that it’s the little things that count in this world!  There are challenges we face, but we can still enjoy the little things we encounter along the way!

Another classic that has been a favorite for years.  Follow little Madeline through her adventures while growing up in a boarding school.  She is quite the adventurous soul!

I cannot say enough about his fun and interactive book.  The family goes on a bear hunt through many locations with lots of fun sounds.  I’m not sure who enjoys this one more…the reader or the child…hmmm!  Will they find a bear?

Kids LOVE lift the flap books, and this one is no exception.  It is an adorable interactive book that is sure to bring giggles!

A super cute book with touchable textures that engage a child!  What’s even better is this is just one of many in the series.  Be sure to check out all of the fun animals you can share with your little ones!

One only has to look at the cover of this book to know it’s a great book!  A great bedtime story as it is told while Mama bear is tucking her youngest cub in for the night.  She gives him the message that he is very loved….something all children need to hear every…single…day!

Ok friends, this interactive book will seriously have your children laughing hysterically (and if they aren’t then you need to be adding more fun voices and trying to keep the kids from pushing the button more!)  Seriously, a super fun book for every library.  It also is one of a series…and they are all great!

Another sweet, sweet cover….right?  Something sad happens and all the animals want to tell Taylor how to handle the situation.  Only when rabbit appears and just listens does Taylor feel comforted.  How powerful is that?

The letters of the alphabet are in a race….right up the coconut tree!  Is there enough room for all of them?

Children will enjoy trying to find Spot in this fun lift the flap book!

Another great bedtime book as Llama Lama is filled with lots of nighttime drama!  Kids truly enjoy the fun antics in this book!

Little Nutbrown Hare and his daddy share how much they love eachother in this delightful story filled with beautiful illustrations.

Transform yourself into the tickle monster as you slip on these “monster mitts” with holds in the fingertips to ensure good tickles!  Now this is a monster that kids will absolutely love as you tickle their kneesies and toesies!

From sunrise to sun set, a bear and cub enjoy the day together before settling in for snuggles at bedtime.  a sweet rhyming store that all kids will enjoy!

Psst!  Guess what?  I love you!  A sweet story that tells of the love between parents and children!

The Lonely Doll is a series of books that brings the world of dolls to life.  Edith and her bears tell stories of friendship.  This is a unqiue children’s  classic that came to life in 1957.

Kids work together in this book realizing their own skills and processess.  It tells a great story of how we should celebrate our differences.

A beautiful, short little book that will remind those near and dear to your heart that you love them!

Where’s Waffles? and Waffles Wondrous Adventures.   Both are personalized books created by

These cute little books were created with Waffles, Olivia’s beloved dog, as the main character.  What a cute and very personal gift idea.  Now, you of course, will probably not be inclined to create a book about Waffles, but you certainly can have fun inserting another family pet!   I included the link above to

A book for each vibrant color of the rainbow.  Each book is filled with peek-through cut-outs on each page.  A fun look at patterns and colors!

In closing ~

What a perfect baby shower filled with love from each of the guests.  It truly was very endearing to hear about each book and why it had become a family favorite for each one.  I am sure you saw some books on this list that you already know, but I hope you have also found some new ones to check out….I certainly did!

Happy Reading ~




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