Workplace wellness has become an increasingly important topic in recent years, as more and more employers are recognizing the benefits of prioritizing the health and well-being of their employees. In a world where stress levels are high and burnout is common, it’s essential for employers to take steps to create a healthy work environment that supports the physical, mental, and emotional health of their teams.

There are many ways that employers can promote workplace wellness. One of the most important is to provide employees with opportunities for physical activity and exercise. This can include things like on-site fitness centers, group exercise classes, or even encouraging employees to take regular breaks to stretch or take a walk outside. Physical activity has been shown to have numerous benefits, from improving cardiovascular health to reducing stress and anxiety.

Another key aspect of workplace wellness is mental health support. This can include things like offering employee assistance programs (EAPs) that provide confidential support and counseling services.

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Sapna Shah-Haque Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque, MD is a board certified Internal Medicine physician. She was born and raised in Kansas, and attended medical school at the University of Kansas [KU] School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine residency at KU-Wichita as well. After experiencing burnout herself, and watching other physician colleagues burn out, it became a passion of hers to look into different aspects of burnout. While the system does need to change, as it is broken, this podcast is a way to reach physicians and possibly shed light on what is not an isolated situation.