In her weekly blog, “The
Marginalian by Maria Popova” talked about growing older and I thought about
what she said and found this question and some ideas on an answer:

can we, as we grow older not make life a parody of itself  if we believe that life is largely a matter
of how we hold ourselves — our hearts, our fears, our forgiveness’s — along the
procession of the years.

As we grow older, it’s natural
to contemplate the meaning and purpose of life and how to avoid it becoming a
parody of itself. If we believe that life is largely influenced by how we hold
ourselves—our hearts, fears, and capacity for forgiveness—along the journey of
the years, there are several principles we can consider making the most of our

Developing self-awareness
allows us to understand our strengths, weaknesses, values, and aspirations. It
enables us to make conscious choices and align our actions with our true

Continuously seek opportunities
for personal growth and learning. Engage in activities that challenge you
intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. This pursuit keeps life vibrant
and prevents stagnation.

Nurture deep connections with
family, friends, and community. Surrounding yourself with positive and
supportive individuals adds richness to your life and provides a sense of

Identify your passions and find
ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Engaging in activities that
bring you joy, and fulfillment gives a sense of purpose and helps counteract
the monotony that can arise with age.

Approach life with curiosity
and open-mindedness. Embrace new experiences, ideas, and perspectives. It keeps
the mind active, encourages personal growth, and prevents life from becoming

Cultivate an attitude of
gratitude by acknowledging and appreciating the present moment and the
blessings in your life. Mindfulness allows you to fully experience each day,
savoring the simple pleasures and finding beauty in the ordinary.

Life is full of transitions and
unexpected events. Embracing change and maintaining flexibility in your
thinking and approach can help you navigate challenges and find new

Prioritize your physical,
mental, and emotional health. Regular exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep,
and managing stress contribute to overall well-being, enabling you to enjoy
life to the fullest.

Be true to yourself and live
according to your values and beliefs. Avoid comparing your journey to others
and resist societal pressures that may lead you astray from your authentic

You can lighten the weight of
life’s challenges and inject joy into everyday moments. Cultivate a sense of
humor and learn to laugh at yourself and the absurdities of life.

Remember, these are guiding
principles to help you shape your own unique journey. Life is a continuous
process of self-discovery, and by holding yourself with an open heart, facing
your fears, and practicing forgiveness, you can find meaning and fulfillment as
you grow older, and life will not be a parody of itself.

To end with a quote from Simone de Beauvoir

There is only one solution if old age is not to be an absurd parody of our former life, and that is to go on pursuing ends that give our existence a meaning — devotion to individuals, to groups or to causes, social, political, intellectual or creative work… In old age, we should wish still to have passions strong enough to prevent us turning in on ourselves. One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation, compassion

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