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Buying a car is such a complicated process. I always appreciate information from Consumer Reports on the topic.

Each year Consumer Reports issues a report on car reliability. It’s latest report showed hybrid vehicles and midsized or large sedans are among the most reliable, while electric vehicles and full-size pickup trucks are the two most problematic categories.

Seven of the top 10 most reliable brands are Japanese and Korean. Lincoln is the only domestic brand in this year’s top 10. 

Here are how the brands ranked, along with information about whether they went up or down in the rankings from last year:

  1. Toyota, up two spots
  2. Lexus, down one spot
  3. BMW, up ten spots
  4. Mazda, down two spots
  5. Honda, unchanged
  6. Audi, up five spots
  7. Subaru, down one spot
  8. Acura, down one spot
  9. Kia ranked ninth, up six spots
  10. Lincoln, up 14 spots
  11. Buick, down seven spots
  12. Genesis, up nine spots
  13. Hyundai, down four spots
  14. Volvo, up two spots
  15. Nissan, down seven spots
  16. Ram, up one spot
  17. Cadillac, down five spots
  18. Ford, down four spots
  19. Tesla, up four spots
  20. Chevrolet, down 10 spots
  21. GMC, down three spots
  22. Volkswagen, down two spots
  23. Jeep, down one spot
  24. Mercedes-Benz, down five spots

Consumer Reports based its rankings on a survey of owners representing more than 300,000 vehicles from the 2000 through 2022 model years, with a few new 2023 models included. The rankings are based on problems with vehicles in the past year.

For details on the pluses and minuses of different models within each brand, see Consumer Reports’ 2022 car reliability findings at

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