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Many people derive joy from building or creating things. Perhaps you’re one of them wondering if you can make good money from your passions. Fortunately, you can! The good news is that several careers enable you to explore your passions, generate regular income, and solve people’s needs. Also, these job opportunities cut across almost every industry, so you can rest assured that you’ll maintain your job security. Here are some career ideas if you love to build things. 

Product designer 

A product designer supervises product design processes from the initial to the finishing stages. They also work towards the improvement of existing products. As a product designer, you ensure that whatever your company produces can address your target audience’s needs while being visually pleasing. This requires you to outline their functions and work with a product development team to test and refine their designs. It’s worth noting that product designers are currently in high demand, so you can take advantage of this opportunity. You would need your high school diploma for foundational skills and knowledge to become one. You would also require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, marketing, engineering, or other fields relating to what product you’re designing. Building your portfolio and following industry trends can set you apart from other candidates. 


Architects are in high demand, as they are needed in every construction or building project. Therefore, you can become an architect if you are fascinated with building designs, physics, and math. As part of your job description, you’ll draw blueprints that show your clients what their construction projects will look like and the measurement of each part. This means drafting three-dimensional drawings, transforming designs into constriction blueprints, ensuring project safety, and so on. Since you’d be dealing with projects that others will use constantly, you require specialized skills to prevent hazards. 

Therefore, you need a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Several professional certifications are also available, and you can boost your professional credibility by investing in them. While at it, consider following an authentic and legitimate architecture blog to refresh your knowledge constantly. You should also ascertain what area of specialization is more suitable. For instance, you can be a commercial architect, landscape architect, residential architect, and the like. 

Video game designer 

Turn your love for gaming into a lucrative income stream by becoming a video game designer. You’ll create interfaces that allow gamers to explore virtual worlds, interact with other gamers, and complete objectives. You’ll also work on the story, features, character design, gameplay mechanics, and graphics. However, you must be able to write basic scripts and code to make all these happen. This way, you can test your games and create regular updates to improve playability and address bugs. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, graphic design, and other related disciplines. Ensure you learn about 2D and 3D animation, computer design, software engineering, and language programming. Leveraging internship opportunities during college can also build your experience and make you a more suitable candidate.

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