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Ladies and Gentlemendo your very best to Have a:

Healthy Holiday Habits To Begin Your Best Possible 2022! &Raquo; Istockphoto

On this third day of Christmas, I offer a Holiday “card” with 12 healthy thoughts and deeds as you prepare for Auld Lang Syne:

Healthy Holiday Habits To Begin Your Best Possible 2022! &Raquo; Healthy Holiday Habits 12 Days Of Fitness Kaboom Begin 2022

Please note that these, or any number of healthy habits are NOT easy to sustain, as most folks fall off their Resolution Wagons by Valentine’s Day each year.

It is my goal to help you establish and sustain key habits to live longer and better.

Why not start with a personal affirmation that 2022 will be your best year – yet?



Take a few moments to express your commitment for the best possible 2022 by completing the fields below.

If you’d like “off day” text messages to help your sustainment:

Just TEXT WP40 to #41259.

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