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The Return to Work

The Return To Work &Raquo;

To the Hybrid Boomer – I appreciate your support.

What would the return to work look like after the COVID pandemic restrictions were lifted?  What was initially thought of as a hybrid work model has looked more like a remote arrangement.  Now companies are going back to further define the return as a flexible work model that combines in-office, remote, and anywhere options for employees.  Employees can choose to work wherever they are most productive, but usually with a requirement to come on-site one or two days a week. 

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They are faced with getting dressed for work again!

After over two years of pajamas, sweats, and house shoes or flip flops, what to wear now?

Are the clothes worn two years ago still good or are they outdated?  Factoring in gas prices, lunch money, and the commute, the return could even be financially painful. 

Further, is the space once occupied on-site ready for employees to come back on a regular cadence?  Do the equipment and work supplies taken home come back with the return to the office? 

Employees Are Concerned

Employers Want The Return

Yet, company executives say that the return should be about people getting together for social reasons.  They believe that a cultural breakdown happened during the pandemic and employees need to get back to seeing each other to collaborate face-to-face.  But is it really about culture and socializing or could it be that employers do not believe that employees work as hard at while working from home? 

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Employees believe that they do their best work from home because it positions them to also live their best life!

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The Return To Work &Raquo;

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Catherine Cooper Hybrid Boomer

A Hybrid Boomer is an individual born between 1946 and 1964 who is still in the workforce but working from home or a remote location. We are only required to report into a company facility when it is necessary to collaborate in person or for in-person company meetings. We transitioned into this type
of work mode during the COVID 19 Pandemic. In defining a new normal and the future of work our companies have decided to allow us to make this a permanent way to work.

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