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A Getaway Is Good For The Soul

A Getaway Is Good For The Soul &Raquo;

To the Hybrid Boomer – your support is appreciated.

When working from home full-time or in a hybrid work model a getaway is good for the soul.

It is important to disconnect and recharge, so totally get away from work! Since work is in your home every day, take a break to shut it off. One of the best ways to get away is through travel.

I did so on a family getaway to Miami, FL. It was a well planned and thought out trip that included sailing, shopping, site seeing, and relaxing on the beach.

Plan Ahead

Vacations can be expensive, so be intentional in your planning. If our budget will allow it plan to stay at a hotel on the beach or close to where you can get out and walk to local attractions. There is nothing like a stroll to a roadside cafe or a walk to the beach.

A Getaway Is Good For The Soul &Raquo; Housecarers Housesitting Banner1
The Only Way To Travel

Choose things that will keep you relaxing or out having fun!

Watch Out For Hidden Costs

Hotel restaurants will blow your budget, so plan your daily meals. Get out and try the local cuisines. While in Miami, I enjoyed the Cuban, Latin, and Haitian establishments along South Beach. Other stops were the Versace Mansion for dinner, as well as a restaurant called The Licking which is owned by a famous musician.

Plan your transportation and parking ahead of time. Cabs and Rideshare programs can get expensive. Check with the hotel to find out the cost of parking at their facility and any hidden charges like the dreaded resort fees. These items can run anywhere from $30 to $40 per day. This is in addition to the regular hotel charges.

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The goal of your getaway is to get out and have fun! A getaway is good for the soul. Consider planning an extra day back home for recovery before you return to work. You will return to your home workspace recharged and motivated to conquer the world.

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A Getaway Is Good For The Soul &Raquo;

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Catherine Cooper Hybrid Boomer

A Hybrid Boomer is an individual born between 1946 and 1964 who is still in the workforce but working from home or a remote location. We are only required to report into a company facility when it is necessary to collaborate in person or for in-person company meetings. We transitioned into this type
of work mode during the COVID 19 Pandemic. In defining a new normal and the future of work our companies have decided to allow us to make this a permanent way to work.

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