A Cut In Pay &Raquo;

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The company’s justification for the pay cut is that employees are saving money on not having to commute to the office.

The price of gas today is between $5 and $7 a gallon depending on where in the United States you live. The commute to work for me is 7 miles round trip. Not a lot since I live very close to my company office. I agree that those who must commute 30 miles a day, for instance are saving money on gas.

A Cut In Pay &Raquo;

But what about the cost of utilities, office supplies, internet access, and equipment like printers and ink?

There are some states in the US, like California, DC, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, New York, and Massachusetts that require employers to compensate employees for certain business expenses, but the mandates vary per state. Others states like where I live in Tennessee, there are no such requirements. So technically, the amount of savings for me in commuting costs is being offset by what I am paying to run an office out of my home.

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A Cut In Pay &Raquo;

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