A Case For Hybrid Work &Raquo;

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Now that the vaccines to help control the spread of COVID-19 are widely available, the mask mandates in most states have been lifted. Companies are now presenting a case for hybrid work and calling for workers who were sent home to come back. Many of us are appreciative that our employers have found a way to make working from home or a remote location permanent, but not everyone feel that way.

Take the employees at Apple who wrote an open letter to their executives on a case against hybrid work. They see the mandate for them to come into the office three days a week as unfair, bad for them, and bad for the company.

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Apple’s workers are not alone. Many white collar employees are revolting and refusing to return to their desks. They got a taste of life without worrying about childcare and the daily commute and they like it! Some of them are still worried about contracting COVID, too! Especially since the mask mandates have lifted and there are a lot of people going uncovered (I’m not one of them!).

Apple’s employees believe that they should have the right to choose whether they return to the office, and they are willing to quit the company rather than go to the office a few days a week. Companies are making adjustments by offering hybrid work models, but a large block of individuals don’t want to return at all.

The hybrid work model that I work under does not require me to go into the office a set number of days. I do get to choose when I need to be there in person. But, I understand that this is a privilege and not a right. I am exchanging my time for money. If my employer would rather have me spend that time in the office, it is their right to mandate it. After all, they are paying me.

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A Case For Hybrid Work &Raquo;

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