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Julie Kennedy

Waking Up With Anxiety. Every Day. &Raquo; Julie Kennedy 74 2

Waking up with Anxiety. Every day.

I recently came to the awareness that I wake up every day in a state of panic. OK panic might be on the strong side, so let’s say dread, anxiety. I am not talking about a one off due to a presentation or a meeting but a standard everyday occurrence. That is how I wake […]

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The Vitality Of Water: Embracing Hydration For Optimal Health &Raquo; Julie Kennedy 74 2

The Vitality of Water: Embracing Hydration for Optimal Health

Do you drink enough? Our bodies are after all 70% water…. In the midst of our hectic lives, we often overlook one essential element crucial to our well-being: water. Yet, chronic dehydration remains a silent threat, impacting our health in ways we may not fully realize. Chronic dehydration isn’t merely about thirst; it’s a persistent […]

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Abundance…. &Raquo; Julie Kennedy 74 2


ABUNDANCE… When what flows through you bountifully quenches your every need, permeating each cell of your body till you feel whole, present, alive and can simply say: I AM. When once it has filled and fulfilled, saturated you with goodness, it continues flowing generously out of your being to all those around you in your […]

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Ode To Myself &Raquo; Julie Kennedy 74 2

Ode to myself

ODE TO MYSELF What I love about being over 50 are those moments of illumination when you gain yet another insight into who you really are, and DISCOVER that whatever it is, it is OK. I had one of those moments yesterday realizing there is actually a name for people like me: MULTI PASSIONATE. I […]

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Fabulous After Fifty! Episode 138 – Getting Our Sexy Back!!! &Raquo; Fabulous After Fifty New Scaled


Today we go on a wonderful journey from lost and lonely to surviving and thriving with Bestselling Author, Speaker, TV show Host, Executive Coach & Master Trainer Elian Haan, another force of nature! I loved our talk about thriving despite all and getting our lightness back, our joie de vivre, our sexiness and how that […]

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