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Social Security

Americans On Social Security May Owe Irs Thousands &Raquo; Images 374890691277810495647

Americans on Social Security May Owe IRS Thousands

                Paving the way to burden season, a huge number of Americans could owe the IRS thousands on their Government backed retirement installments. While Government managed retirement installments saw a cost for many everyday items change (COLA) of 3.2 percent this year, there could be unseen side-effects on […]

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Social Security Proposal Could Boost Income For Thousands &Raquo; Images 27475306989359103834

Social Security Proposal Could Boost Income for Thousands

Equity’s Bold Fiscal Moves: Slashing Government Expenditures and Unveiling Three New Tax Breaks in 2024 Budget Proposal Making a further declaration on X, previously Twitter, Equity posted: ” We’ve curtailed government expenditures multiple times since I got down to business in 2017, and this year I proposed three extra tax breaks in my spending plan: […]

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41 States That Won’t Tax Social Security Benefits In 2024 &Raquo; Images 308084727689305049389

41 States That Won’t Tax Social Security Benefits in 2024

About one of every seven retired people in the U.S. depend on Government managed retirement for essentially the entirety of their pay, as per an AARP examination. Be that as it may, these advantages don’t generally come without Uncle Sam’s surprises. Some States Tax Social Security for Retirees To demolish monetary issues for retired folks […]

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Social Security in Multigenerational Families

It’s not unusual for Black and Latino children to live with their grandparents, who are either the primary caregivers or members of a multigenerational family. And just as the grandparent is integral to the family unit, so are the Social Security benefits the grandparent receives and contributes to the household. The poverty rates in families […]

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New Bill Aims to Boost Social Security Benefits by $200 a Month

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is pushing for a new bill that could give current and future Social Security recipients a bit more cash in their monthly checks. The Social Security Expansion Act was introduced to Congress by Sanders and Peter DeFazio last year but didn’t get much traction. This time, Sanders has gained more support […]

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Disability Job Programs Get Mixed Reviews

Nearly half of the people receiving federal disability benefits have a psychiatric impairment that interferes with working. And they tend to be younger and more willing to work than other disability beneficiaries. This makes them good candidates for employment support programs that encourage working at least part-time and might even prevent them from applying for […]

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Will Social Security be There For Me? What You Need to Know

Jane had always assumed that Social Security would be there for her when she retired. She had been paying into the system for most of her working life, and it seemed like a reliable safety net. However, as she approached retirement age, she began to hear rumors that the program was facing some financial challenges. […]

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50 Years of Financial Progress for Women

As the lower-paid sex, women have no shortage of insecurities about their retirement finances. Only one in five working women feels “very confident” of being able to retire comfortably, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies reports in its annual retirement survey. More than half say they don’t earn enough or have too much debt to […]

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Readers’ Favorite Retirement Blogs: 2022

Older Americans who want to be smart about retirement finances are curious about the intricacies of Social Security. The blog that drew the most traffic from our readers last year – “The Bridge to a Larger Social Security Check” – suggested a strategy for getting more out of the program: delay signing up for Social […]

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