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Techno Gremlins And Chuckles–Lessons Learned &Raquo; Img 5519 800X696 1

Techno Gremlins and Chuckles–Lessons Learned

Sometimes my devices do the most bizarre things; it’s almost as if they have a mind of their own. Is artificial intelligence at work or simply an unintended tap or click? Who knows? But, invariably I learn something new. Here are several recent conundrums that vexed me and made me chuckle out loud. My pooch […]

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Digitize Old Recipes–Part 1 &Raquo; Img 5341

Digitize Old Recipes–Part 1

  Anyone who cooks, bakes and saves recipes has a file or box of recipes that are hand-written or clipped from newspapers. Often these recipes are family favorites that have been handed down through the generations. Yes, you can find almost any recipe by googling it, but somehow the results just aren’t quite as tasty […]

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