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7 Emerging Topics on the Science of Healthspan in 2023

2023 proved to be another inspiring season of the Longevity by Design podcast, produced by InsideTracker. In 2021, InsideTracker launched the podcast to connect listeners with the leading longevity scientists to answer the key question: how can we live a healthier, longer life?  As season three comes to a close, we recap the incredible conversations […]

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Live Longer, Better: Expert MD Weighs In On How

Dr. Peter Attia, MD, has written an excellent book on how to keep ourselves from getting common chronic illnesses with aging. It’s Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity, which offers a clear strategy to avoid these illnesses. He refers to those which kill the majority of Americans as the Four Horsemen. They are heart […]

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Some Things National – Like Pizza Day And Love Your Heart &Raquo; Giphy Slouch To Strongman

Some things National – like Pizza Day and Love your Heart

Yes, I have been missing in action since late 2022. Oh, that my time away was spent on some enchanted island. Yet I have been head down and tail up finalizing my manuscript for Strong to Save.  This second non-fiction work is a fitness primer that implores Gen X to die harder and later…   […]

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How Eager are Employers to Hire Boomers?

Older Americans’ share of the labor force has doubled since the early 1990s, and they constitute roughly one in four workers today. But their dominance is mainly an artifact of the baby boomers’ demographic bulge moving through the labor force and says little about how employers view the growing ranks of aging workers. Employers’ willingness […]

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