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Boomerang Adults And Alternative Dwelling Units &Raquo; Corrected Feb Image.ppt

Boomerang Adults and Alternative Dwelling Units

How are they connected? As the Baby Boomer generation ages, it becomes more and more evident that appropriate, accessible housing stock that fits the needs of the older adult is shrinking – rapidly.  There is and never will be one solution – but that is a good thing because not all older adults have the […]

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Power Cutoffs And Protecting Aging Parents Living Alone

Imagine your aging parent or other loved one living on his or her own and losing power from a natural disaster or an intentional blackout. What would they do? Massive weather events across the U.S. leave millions without power, sometimes for long periods.  There are lessons for all of us in what we are seeing. […]

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September 18-24, 2022 Is National Falls Prevention Week! &Raquo; Trip Fall National Stats


This is a nationwide effort to raise awareness that falls ARE preventable. These national trip and fall statistics are startling.  And what is even more jarring is that most of these are preventable!  There are many ways of reducing the risk of trips and falls in a home and using the Silver Spaces Home Safety […]

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Everything Aging In Place Fall Update &Raquo; Homesrenewed Logo Full Color

Everything Aging in Place Fall Update

Putting the HOME in home care. Our goal NOW is to Spread the Word So much is happening. I don’t have to tell you the legislative season has been a roller coaster. Or that some really good ideas about caregiving and care in the home received more attention than ever before. Or that some of […]

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What You Never Knew About Grab Bars! &Raquo; S Shaped Grab Bars2

What you never knew about grab bars!

Grab bars.  Two simple words that one may assume describes a common solution to stabilizing a body position movement.  While that is still true, the solutions to that stability have drastically changed in the last decade. What I find interesting is how little most people actually know about the “realm” of grab bars.  For instance, […]

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