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318 Cultivation Of The Self


Change and growth are seen everywhere in life, from caterpillars becoming butterflies, to saplings becoming towering trees, it is a normal and expected part of life that should be encouraged and embraced, especially when seen in ourselves. Change can be frightening but if you keep pressing on and contributing with the best of your ability, you will come to a better place. 

In this episode Sarah Elkins and Kristopher Lopez discuss the importance of appreciating the version of yourself from the past and cultivating the person you want to be now. Kristopher Lopez is an intelligent, respectful, and emotionally intelligent individual who brings a unique insight to the quandaries posed in today’s episode. 



  • The paths that lead us to wherever we are now sometimes seem contradictory.

  • Resilience is like a ball, persistence is bouncing that ball so that it goes higher and higher each time.

  • Mutual respect goes both ways and is invaluable to all relationships.

  • Your contribution is valuable, and being consistent in that contribution is irreplaceable.

  • Growth and change can be intimidating, and just because you do get intimidated by it doesn’t mean you’re failing.



“It’s a mutual respect, right? Like, I get to know things about so many people that are public people that I don’t have to get to share and I will not share, just so they can understand that even though we don’t meet an expectation, or we have a falling out sometimes, that you’re still safe to come back to us and we’re not going to put you on social media, we’re not going to react in a way that is  going to be detrimental to you or your career, and a lot of the mutual respect we have for each other circles back around.”

“The situations in my life I was able to overcome those things because those are struggles and things I was dealing with and able to navigate. I’ve done so many things that have never been the best, I’ve always been that 7 or 8 but I’ve done a lot of 7 or 8 things.”


Dear Listeners it is now your turn,

What are you thinking about when you think about difference in who you were ten years ago, twenty years ago, and who you are now? How would people say that they experienced you then and is it the same? I kinda doubt it. So the next question is are you holding on to somebody else’s older version of their authentic self or are you seeing their changes for what they are? Their attempts to be different, to be better, to surround themselves with people that bring them up so they can return the favor for the next generation? Where are those sticking points, what are the questions you need to ask, and what will you do next to change your story?

And, as always, thank you for listening. 


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