1. Ep. 92 Harnessing the Impact of Public Speaking with Adriana Baer Louise Neil & Kim Romain 50:03

Public speaking is a strong skill that can open many doors. When you talk with courage, confidence, and clearness, you can inspire people around you, make a bigger difference, and help your career grow. A good speaker can motivate others and start changes. By connecting with people personally, you become more than a speaker; you become an inspiration.

Public speaking lets you reach more people and make a bigger impact. Whether you’re fighting for a cause or sharing new ideas, your voice can change people’s minds and have a lasting effect. It shows you’re a leader, makes you more well-known, and can make you look like an expert. This can lead to new jobs, promotions, and meeting new people.

On this episode, Kim and Louise sit down to chat with Adriana Baer, public speaking coach for leaders and rising leaders about how each of us can harness the power of public speaking. Remember, all great speakers had to start somewhere. With practice and hard work, you can use public speaking to inspire, influence, and reach your goals.

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Show Highlights

0:00 Hellos and Welcomes

0:27 Our Wins the week

4:52 Who is Adriana Baer

6:43 How to be an Introverted Leader

13:06 What makes you Nervous About Public Speaking

18:23 Is it ok to Go Off Script

21:29 Key Points and the Structure of Presentations

25:43 Understanding Who Is Your Audience?

30:30 An Introvert’s Guide to Energy Management

36:57 How to Network Better?

44:13 Know What You Need Before You Succeed

45:15 With Structure Comes Freedom in Public Speaking

47:33 Continue the Conversation with your special invitation to the Inspireize Network

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