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March 15th, 2023 Mature Content

The Lost Art of One on One Conversations with Gert Mellak

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  1. The Lost Art of One on One Conversations with Gert Mellak Jeff Wickersham 22:31

Gert Mellak is the Founder and CEO of, an SEO

agency with a clear focus on long-term business growth for our clients.


He’s the Author of “The ERICA Framework” his

methodology to get sustainable SEO results


He works in 3 languages (English, German and Spanish) on SEO

projects with e-commerce, Coaching and online courses all over the world.


Feel free to ask questions during the show.

Where to find Gert:

Jeff Wickersham Mental Toughness and Peak Performance Coach

Jeff Wickersham is a sought after mental toughness and peak performance coach who helps guide clients to intentionally step into the best versions of themselves and unlock that inner hero waiting to be unleashed. Jeff’s a #1 best-selling author, Tony Robbins award winner, podcast host, speaker and creator of the 4-step Morning Fire Method. He recently completed his second David Goggins 4x4x48 Mile run, has meditated for 1,864 straight days and taken an ice bath or cold shower 1,519 straight days. His mission is to live to be 110 years old through his healthy daily habits.

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