1. From Academic to Entrepreneur: Thomas Becker's Journey into Consulting and Shaping the Future of Work Anika Jackson 41:01

Ever wondered what it’s like to leap from the academic ivory tower into the bustling world of entrepreneurship and consulting? Thomas Becker from Stratify accompanies us for a candid chat on this transformative experience. Together, we unravel the threads of our past in academia and how it seamlessly wove into our entrepreneurial endeavors. Thomas's story is one of remarkable transition, from a psychology graduate to a respected scientist and professor, to a full-time consultant. Our conversation highlights the symbiotic nature of teaching and consulting, and the undeniable impact of applying theory to tackle real organizational challenges.

Peek behind the curtain of modern performance management and job expectations with insights that challenge outdated norms. We examine the value of frequent, actionable feedback over periodic reviews and share the intricacies of expanding your business with the right talent on board. Thomas and I unpack the concept of realistic job previews, a strategy that shines a light on the true nature of a role and sets the stage for successful, lasting employer-employee relationships. Understanding a candidate's true abilities and the art of crafting clear job descriptions is not just beneficial; it's essential.

The future of work is ripe with innovation, and the consulting sphere mirrors this dynamic progression. This episode casts a spotlight on the plethora of issues a consultant might encounter, from compliance hurdles to executive team disputes, and the evolving post-COVID workplace. Drawing from our rich dialogue, we share our perspectives on curating entrepreneurial teams, the importance of specialized expertise, and the necessity of aligning one’s business vision with patience and persistence. Wrapping up, we touch on the profound realization that purpose doesn't retire, and the endless pursuit of passion can fuel a fulfilling life and career. Join us and Thomas Becker for an exploration of these crucial career insights.

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Anika Jackson Creative Strategist, Podcaster

Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications strategist and podcast host. As a marcom executive, she has done it all including experiential marketing/ event production, launch marketing, public relations, digital, and influencer throughout her multiple decade career.

She is a member of the Quickbooks Small Business Council, as well as on the Advisory Board for the Women in Leadership program for UCSB’s PaCE; advisor for Junior League of Los Angeles’ 2022 – 2023 President; Co-founder and board member of Learn Grow Lead; and Ballona Wetlands Philanthropy Chair for National Charity League’s Pier Chapter.

In Anika’s newest role, she is an adjunct professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, teaching graduate students in both the Masters of Public Relations and Advertising as well as the Masters of Digital Media Management programs.